A smart pouring spout that accurately calculates appropriate alcohol limits
according to your physiological parameters, maintains the alcohol balance,
and entertains you and your friends with mini-games.


The task was to create an app for interacting with the electronic pouring spout which users put on the bottle to control their consumption of alcohol.


Besides alcohol consumption control, the app should also entertain you and your friends using built-in party games. We provide users of Smart Pourer with the abilities to process incoming data about the amount of alcohol they drink and get qualified tips based on these stats (like the time after which you can drive).

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We implemented the NFC tags feature to assure control of alcohol consumption and to entertain you and your friends during mini-games, which intend to gather the data needed for Smart Pourer functionality.

Technologies we used

iOS SDK, REST API, Cocoa, Web-sockets, Google maps, Location, Social networks API (publishing, crawlers, oAuth), Core Data, Facebook SDK, Linkedin SDK, Core Bluetooth.