ShotTracker Player

Great app for the NBA coaches

Our Team has developed a perfect app for basketball players and their coaches. It helps to get real-time data about player’s shot attempts, makes and misses, shooting percentage, court time, and personal shot map. Check this statistics any time wherever you are.

The ShotTracker App collects data using Wrist and Net sensors, so you get accurate information about player’s statistics in real-time. The app is available both for IOS and Android.

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ShotTracker Player
Smart Pourer

App to take care of your health

MBicycle Team has developed an app to control and limit the absorption of alcohol you drink. Check the statistics about your drinking life and get advices based on the processing with machine-learning algorithms. For example, the information about the optimal time you can drive your car.

The Smart Pourer app is now on crowdfunding campaign and it’ll be available soon for Android devices.

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Smart Pourer
The X Factor UK

Application for the popular TV-show

It’s an entertainment project for an extremely popular TV-show — The X Factor UK. Take on the role of the Fifth Judge of the Show and vote for the contestants in the real time.

Use The X Factor UK app either for IOS or for Android and get actual news about the off-stage life of the show, find all the songs from each episode, rate the contestants’ auditions, and share best moments of the Show with your friends.

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The X Factor UK
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