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We create solid and productive cross-platform software solutions with unified IDE, language, and APIs that can be running on both iOS and Android devices. Get a quote from our cross-platform mobile app developers.

We Provide Top-Notch Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

Mbicycle has years of experience in delivering software development services for startups, mid-size, and large enterprises worldwide. In the field of cross-platform application development, our experts have relevant skills in the following areas:

Prototyping and design services
Managing and leading cross-platform dedicated development teams
Migrating web applications to cross-platform
Optimization of cross-platform apps
Migrating cross-platform applications to the Cloud
Maintenance & support

Take a look at a few cross-platform apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Deliver Customized Cross-platform Solutions Diverse Industries

With several cross-platform solutions successfully developed using React Native and Flutter, today we are ready to provide our clients with high-performance and cost-efficient solutions in diverse platforms & industries.

Experts from Mbicycle provide the relevant technical expertise to implement cost-efficient and robust cross-platform apps for the following domains:

On-demand Economy
including food delivery apps, marketplace apps, telehealth apps.
including sports team management apps, betting apps, stat tracking apps, fitness & wellness apps.
including online tutor apps, second-screen apps, e-learning platforms.

Our Experts Drive Cutting-Edge Cross-platform App Development Approach with Reliable and Trending Technologies

Our team of professionals approaches cross-platform development based on several core principles:

  • including the high-end performance of our turnkey solution
  • short time-to-market
  • reasonable cost

As a cross-platform app development company, we set the goal to equip our mobile solutions with everything needed to assure excellent engagement and conversions across various audiences, devices, and business fields. To accomplish this goal, we deliver React Native and Flutter app development, as well as provide Hybrid development solutions.

Hybrid app development is based on bundling React Native programming language along with iOS or Android native elements.

Flutter is an open-source portable framework by Google for building natively compiled multi-platform applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms from a single codebase. As Flutter works with the existing code, this toolkit is implemented by a variety of large companies worldwide, including Google, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba Group, BMW, and others.
React Native is a JavaScript-based development framework that helps create natively-rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms simultaneously, using the same codebase. Such world-famous companies as Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Uber, Discord, and Tesla build and update their applications with React Native.

Our Cross-platform Toolkit

In our work, we usually follow the latest and most relevant technologies and frameworks to deliver smart and efficient software solutions for our clients.

Primary Techs



Primary Techs


React NativeUIKitVictoriaMaterial designFlutterCupertino Design  

Common Libraries and Tools

Android StudioXCodeWebstormReduxRedux-sagaGraphQlFastlaneStorybookReact Native DebuggerFlutter PerformanceFlutter InspectorFlutter Outline 


MVIMVCMVPMVVMFeature-sliceClean Architecture

Dependency Injection



DetoxJestAppiumMochaChaiUnit testsWidget testsIntegration testsflutter_testflutter_driverflutter_gallery 

Data Management

ReduxApollo ClientSQLiteMobXBLoC / RxProviderRiverpodGetXsetState 

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)Firebase servicesAmplify Flutter

Common Questions About Cross-Platform Development

  • What is cross-platform software development?

    Cross-platform software development is focused on building a single app that can run on several platforms, such as iOS and Android, instead of creating different app versions for each platform.
  • What is a cross-platform software example?

    Written once, cross-platform solutions can be launched on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. Cross-platform software is usually developed using Flutter, Codename One, Xamarin, Kivy, Qt, Ionic, React Native, Phonegap, and NativeScript frameworks.
  • What is the difference between cross-platform and single platform software?

    As 99.6% of all smartphones run on either iOS or Android systems, companies need to develop a single native app for each of both platforms to reach the widest possible audience. Cross-platform software development offers a more cost-efficient way by creating a single app running on several platforms.
  • What are cross-platform products?

    Cross-platform computer software is a product or application that can work across multiple web and mobile platforms or software environments.
  • What is the difference between native development and cross-platform development?

    Native app development helps create high-performance software but it's rather costly to develop. In case of a limited budget, cross-platform development is the most appropriate tool that can save 30% — 40%, as just a single codebase is required to develop apps for several platforms.
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