Application Support and Maintenance Services

Our support & maintenance department is here for you to assist with scaling your software project, improving the source code with updated technologies, and implementing new features.

Maintenance & Support for Various Domains

With software maintenance & support services provided by Mbicycle, our clients from a variety of industries get an expanded performance view of their software applications, networks and platforms, as well as security infrastructure to prevent possible errors and issues in the future.

We offer software application maintenance and support for mobile and web platforms with the highest competence levels in the following industry domains:

On-demand Economy
including rental, delivery, and marketplace apps.
including health tracking, team management, and data analytics software.
including smart home, wearables, and embedded control & management systems.
including banking and financial management apps.

Take a look at a few apps that are being maintained by Mbicycle’s experts:

Levels of Software Support & Maintenance

We deliver knowledge-based maintenance and software support services of our clients' applications to make sure they are highly available, reliable, and relevant to the growing business needs. For over five years Mbicycle has been ensuring full-cycle support and app maintenance of programming software for diversified fields and companies worldwide.

To assure round-the-clock support and maintenance of L2 and L3 levels for mobile and web applications, our experts are able to:

L2 Technical Support
  • Configure servers and resolve related issues
  • Deploy monitoring systems
  • Investigate logs to analyze issues and their cause
  • Migrate infrastructure to the Cloud
L3 Technical Support
  • Amend issues relatable to customization
  • Conduct audit and code review
  • Introduce changes to the code and database to fix complex issues
  • Update legacy code
  • Implement new features into ready-made apps

Applications Support Services by Mbicycle

Our company helps launch app maintenance fully integrated with your current software systems and make analytics-driven changes. To arrange and assure post-release bug-free performance, experts from Mbicycle provide the following services:

  • App support and software maintenance services
  • Mobile app maintenance and support
  • Web application maintenance & support services
  • Dedicated engineering teams for expert support
We operate with software solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS platforms using the latest and most relevant technology stacks, including:

Common Questions About On-Demand Apps

  • What is the role of application support?

    Application support services are designed to ensure the required operational processes and correct settings to help software run properly and efficiently.
  • What is the definition of application support?

    Application support is a common way to operate with software apps after their release on the market. This process includes communication with the app users to learn about emerging bugs and issues and provide assistance with their elimination.
  • What are software maintenance services?

    Software maintenance is the process of modifying and updating software products to keep up with customer needs. This process usually comes just after the software launch to improve the overall performance, eliminate bugs or issues, boost running speed, and other reasons.
  • What is L1 application support?

    L1 is a First Line Support, which usually means a simple helpdesk via specific call centers. The L1 support level works with inbound requests through such communication channels as telephone calls, web forms, emails, chats, and others.
  • How do you maintain software?

    We can name a few ways to provide efficient software maintenance:

    • Check your helpdesk regularly
    • Engage qualified QA engineers
    • Migrate your services to the cloud
    • Optimize your software maintenance team
    • Arrange regression testing
    • Use the standard procedure to install new app versions
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