Embedded Software Development Services

Mbicycle is a leading embedded software development consultant with a full-fledged development center located in the Eastern Europe IT center.

Embedded Software Development from Scratch

We work with startups and existing companies to enhance their performance with efficient software for network equipment, consumer electronics, smart clothes, data gathering systems, healthcare devices, retail terminals, and other embedded software products.

Programmers and managers from Mbicycle have established themselves as professionals with an advanced level of relevant skills in delivering the following embedded software development services - take a look at the list on the right side.

We can also create from scratch or customize an embedded operating system, including Linux, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), FreeRTOS, QNX with all drivers needed to assure full-fledged functioning of the current product or equipment.

Media streaming and second-screen software
Network management tools & solutions
Human-machine interface (HMI) apps
Customization of embedded operating systems
Embedded hardware solutions
Firmware & middleware embedded solutions

Take a look at a few wearable apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Dedicated Software Engineers for Embedded Hardware Solutions

Having been a successful iBeacon software development company for several years, we deliver embedded solutions, specific firmware, drivers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), as well as complex embedded systems for enterprises across industries.

At the same time, our embedded software development outsourcing engineers provide the highest competencies and professional knowledge in the following domains:

Smart wearable equipment and workout clothes, playground sensors, activity trackers, and more.
IoT & Consumer Electronics
Smart home appliances, gate opening systems, virtual keys, and more.
Automotive Electronics
Built-in screens, apps for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and more.
Multimedia and Entertainment
Interactive advertising screens, indicator panels at stadiums and event halls, voting devices in TV studios, and more.
PET scans, CT scans, MRIs, pacemakers, glucose monitors, CPAP machines, a variety of biomedical sensors, and more.
Drivers and specialized software for routers, hubs, VoIP systems, SIP clients, and more.

Assuring Quality of Software Development for Embedded Systems

We always care about the feedback from our clients, therefore our QA engineers will help you test, validate, and debug your embedded software running on your hardware prototype. We can also prepare your custom software development solutions for embedding them in the existing ecosystem for further maintenance and executing operational processes.

Qualified experts from the Mbicycle embedded software development group will prepare and launch custom testing toolchains to get and analyze related data for the timely elimination of potential software and hardware issues.

Common Questions About the Embedded Systems Software

  • What is embedded systems software?

    Embedded systems software is a specialized software tool in embedded devices that facilitates the functioning of these devices. Embedded software is able to manage various hardware devices and systems. Moreover, these software types don't require user input and can run independently on predefined parameters.
  • What is the best language for embedded systems development?

    We can name the following top embedded systems development languages:
    • C, which is still quite relevant and also very popular in embedded systems programming
    • C++
    • Java
    • Python
    • Rust
    • Ada
    • Lua
    • C#
  • What is an example of an embedded system?

    As a few examples of embedded systems, we can name smartphones, interactive digital screens, health monitors, automotive electronics, video game consoles, smart clothes, and others. Household electronics, such as microwave ovens, or washing machines include embedded systems to improve their functionality for end-users.
  • What is the role of an embedded software developer?

    Usually, the embedded software developer's responsibilities include creating and implementing software for embedded devices and systems; coding, testing, and debugging system software; analyzing and assuring efficiency and the stable work of embedded systems.
  • What are the primary types of embedded systems?

    Generally, embedded systems can be classified into four major categories based on their performance and functional requirements, as follows:

    • Real-time Embedded Systems
    • Standalone Embedded Systems
    • Networked Embedded Systems
    • Mobile Embedded Systems
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