Wearable Devices App Development Services

We help businesses stay close to their customers by mastering up-to-date wearable device technologies and providing wearable app development services for dedicated equipment in areas such as Healthcare, Sports, Travel, Retail, and Entertainment.

Specialized Areas of Mbicycle Excellence

Our team provides software development services for startups and SMEs for a large number of business areas, and over the years of creating different types of software, we can identify several domains where our specialists have the highest level of knowledge and technical qualifications. For wearable devices app development we can specify the following domains:

Sports & Wellness
Including apps for smartwatches, fitness trackers, sleep sensors, smart clothes, as well as other connected sports equipment enhanced with sensors and inertial measurement units (IMUs), etc.
Including apps for RFID-based entrance bracelets, built-in mini cameras, smart glasses, AR & VR gadgets, etc.
Including apps for glucose, heart-rate & stress level monitors, Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD), rehabilitation tracking devices, smart glasses for surgeons and doctors, smart hearing aids, pills reminders, etc.
Including apps for in-ear devices for simultaneous interpreting, headphones with AI-based noise cancellation, wayfinding sensors, etc.
Including apps for marketing promotion campaigns, smart locks, GPS-based navigation, wayfinding screens, indoor & outdoor AR-tags, etc.

Take a look at a few wearable apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Wearable App Development Services for Various Platforms

We successfully work with both iOS and Android-based devices delivering wearable applications for wearOS (such as Galaxy Watch 4) and watchOS (such as Apple Watch). Mbicycle’s wearable app development group also creates software for custom-specific hardware, such as glucose monitors, AR & VR gear, or smart glasses.

Thus, we provide a variety of IoT software development services, including the following wearable-focused solutions:

Smartwatch applications for various OS
Health monitoring software
Sports performance tracking solutions
Sports analytics apps
Beacon-based ecosystem management software
Marketing wearable-based solutions for Retail
Smart remote assistants for manufacturing companies of all sizes
In-ear audio guides for travel companies, museums, etc.

Thought-out Wearable App Development Workflow

As we've been working on iBeacon app development, iOS and Android wear app development, and managing their ecosystem for several years, we always determine in advance how to optimize our software to reduce energy consumption and boost the speed of data collection and processing via connected devices.

We provide an in-house team of highly skilled wearable device app development experts in an agile workflow, which usually includes the following stages:

UI/UX design
Backend & architecture design
Cloud infrastructure integration
Maintenance & support

Common Questions About the Wearable Apps

  • What is wearable technology?

    Wearable technology, also known as "wearables", is a group of electronic devices that can be worn as accessories, embedded into clothing or equipment, or even be implanted in the human body. Wearable devices are usually hands-free, powered by microprocessors, and deliver high practical usage. Wearables have the capability of collecting and sending data via up-to-date technologies that connect these devices together.
  • How does wearable technology work?

    The work of wearable technology is based on interaction of special motion sensors that collect various types of data, sync it with other devices and process in real-time or later. Most of these sensors can track motion, heart rate and other activities, Some sensor types may have miniature computers built into them to speed up the interaction process.
  • How much does wearable app development cost?

    The average cost of wearable app development usually varies much depending on a variety of factors, such as the company location. Thus, for Eastern-located development firms, the average hourly rate will be between $35 to $60, while for Western-located companies the average services will cost between $80 – $120.
  • What are examples of wearable technologies?

    The brightest and most classic examples of wearable technologies you might know are Apple Watch and Fitbit gadgets, but those aren't the only devices being developed today. In addition to smartwatches, there is a wide variety of other wearable electronic devices, including heart rate monitors, VR and AR gears, smart clothes & equipment, and more.
  • What is the importance of wearable technologies?

    A key indicator of the importance of wearable devices is their ability to monitor our health parameters, track our physical activities, define locations with GPS, and, of course, show notifications from our smartphones rapidly. Best of all, most such devices are hands-free and portable, which makes it unnecessary for us to carry more bulky.
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