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If you have an on-demand software idea or prototype, we are here to develop an MVP or ready-made application in line with your requirements by guaranteeing a qualified team, strict adherence to deadlines, and an attractive on-demand app development cost.

On-demand App Development Services

For several years, we've been delivering a variety of on-demand apps and products adhering to advanced technical & quality standards in the following areas:

Service provider apps
to equip Uber-like services with in-app navigation, payments, reports, user profiles, and notifications.
Customer apps and websites
to assure quick and transparent online transactions, orders, payments, and other operations.
Administration panels and dashboards
to provide seamless access along with a full-featured overview, management, and analytics of various services.

Take a look at a few on-demand apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Domains Utilizing On-demand Software Development

There are a variety of fields which implement on-demand and IoT app development services for expanding customer outreach and increasing profitability. Mbicycle has extensive experiencre in the following areas:

Food Delivery
Courier & Logistics
Car Hire
Doctor Appointments
Fleet Management
CRM Software
Grocery Delivery
Marketing Automation
Mapping Infrastructure

Integrating On-demand Solutions with Third-party Services

Our on-demand app development services serve as a go-between for customers and business owners in various areas. Operating with our ready-made on-demand applications, users can quickly and efficiently obtain or provide any service.

Implementing this approach often requires integration with third-party services. For example, when we worked on a food delivery startup, we decided to plug in an Instacart service that helps order groceries and arrange their delivery. Another example is payment services, which we usually integrate into our on-demand software apps to assure secure and rapid payment operations.

Migrating On-demand Apps to the Cloud

Today more and more services are moving to the Cloud. This approach has several important advantages, including quick time-to-market, reduced cost of the local servers, data security, network backups, accelerated data processing and exchange.

While delivering custom software development, we’ve helped SMEs & startups across a variety of industries, including a car rental service, food delivery provider, and others, providing a smooth migration of their on-demand services to the Cloud to accelerate their operational business processes, save and protect data and improve bug-free overall performance.

Common Questions About On-Demand Apps

  • What is an on-demand application?

    On-demand apps or On-demand service apps usually mean mobile-based applications that allow users to get full-fledged instant access to various services provided by businesses and individuals.
  • What are the benefits of on-demand app development?

    On-demand service app development offers businesses around the globe the following benefits:

    • Scalability
    • Easy access to booking, delivery, and other related services
    • Flexible offerings
    • Improved customer service
    • Full-fledged analytics of user activity
    • Revenue growth
    • Increased online presence of your brand and business
  • How much does it cost to create an on-demand app?

    Custom on-demand app development most commonly takes 2,700 – 3,700 man-hours.
  • How does the On-Demand app work?

    Generally, on-demand apps connect customers with service providers. With these apps, users are able to swiftly get or deliver any kind of service, including food delivery, a ride on Uber, an apartment on Airbnb, etc.
  • Why should a business have an on-demand service app?

    Among the many reasons a business should have its own on-demand application, the most frequent and important ones are that your company will have more opportunities to attract leads, expand competitive advantage and attract new investments.
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