Software Development Services for Startups

Advanced IT services from tech consulting to integrated software development that will launch your startup and accelerate its growth.

Full-cycle Software Development for Startups

We’ve helped 20+ startups launch their software projects from a “good idea” through all stages of development, including discovery and design phases, creating the MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and ultimately bringing the product to market. Working with us, our clients get the following benefits:

  • Our clients can order both full-fledged turnkey solutions and MVP development.
  • Agile-based flexible development approaches that immediately respond to your strategy.
  • We offer a discovery phase and analyze all competitors in the market so our clients can plan the exact budget and the future positioning of their product.
  • If a client has a strict launch budget, we offer a cost-efficient approach based on editing the final list of features to fit the budget.
  • Due to the fact that we use a product approach, we can develop exclusively those features that will cover the needs of the target audience of the product.
  • We offer a remote delivery strategy and guarantee full access to our qualified experts so our clients have no need to keep a team on their staff. We reduce the risks and costs associated with full-time employees.

Enjoy a Selection of Our Collaboration with Incredible Startups

IT Consulting with High Skill Tech Expertise

Taking the client's original ideas, we've guided them through every stage of the appropriate software development model, including:

  • Drafting a Service Level Agreement (SLA) correctly.
  • Picking the right specialists and a technology stack.
  • Outline the approximate time-to-market and the required budget.

Well-knit Software Development Teams for Startup Projects

As we provide dedicated teams of business analysts, designers, project managers, mobile and web developers, QA engineers, and other experts who have already worked together on startup-focused projects, the client receives the following benefits:

  • Short cycle of selecting the right candidates.
  • Fast on-boarding on a project.
  • Transparent payment model.
  • On-the-fly replacement of specialists on the vendor's side if needed.
  • Good understanding of the technology stack by every member of the development team.

Our Experts Who Can Boost the Tech-Side of Your Startup

MVP Development for Startups

Guiding our clients through every stage of software development, we deliver full-fledged MVPs to further scale up their projects, raise investment, and reach the proper audience. Our approach provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible approach to the start of development. We can launch your project with a discovery phase, as well as work strictly according to your TRD.
  • We will assemble and prepare a team for your project in five working days.
  • When creating an MVP, our team prepares it as a base for the next finished product.
  • We conduct quick testing of various features of the app on the target audience using prototypes and other methods before the final MVP is released.
  • We pick and implement the most appropriate and efficient technologies and tools to easily scale and maintain the product in the future.

All-around Maintenance & Support

Our company offers not only the development of a ready-made software solution but also assists in bringing the product to market, publishing it, debugging, and maintaining it after its first launch. This type of support is crucial to avoid unexpected problems that could derail your project when first being used by real clients.

We provide our clients the following benefits:

  • 24/7 support at launch during the first days after release.
  • Schedule of updates after release and the implementation of minor features based on gathering feedback from the target audience.
  • Dedicated R&D team to develop a solution scaling plan.
  • Assistance in setting up analytics and data collection.

Why Mbicycle?

Start small, move fast and scale huge with Mbicycle custom software development services for startups!

Short Time-to-market

We know the importance of hitting the right audience with your solution in time and getting ahead of competitors. We choose the right development models for each project carefully and offer a short time to market due to thoroughly understanding the subtleties of software development.

Advanced Technology Stack

We track all the latest technologies in the field of software development, inviting startups to focus only on their product, not on the choice of the proper technology stack. We assemble frameworks and development tools for each project to promptly offer a solution under the initially allocated budget.

Meeting Your Requirements

For 5+ years in the field of software development, we've managed to cooperate with startups from sports, entertainment, e-learning, finance, healthcare, and other business areas. We’ve studied their internal business processes and particularities thoroughly, so now we offer software solutions perfectly tailored for each specific industry.

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