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.NET Technical Experts

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers from Mbicycle have delivered a number of upscale software solutions based on .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC Core, and other related frameworks.

Our team is ready to kick off your next project with our Microsoft development services.

Take a look at several solutions successfully developed by Mbicycle using Microsoft frameworks and tools:

Versatile .NET Consulting

The .NET experts from Mbicycle keep up with the latest trends regarding Microsoft development tools and technologies. We stay focused on delivering field-oriented .NET applications for a variety of business verticals. When it comes to creating multi-component web apps, Azure-based cloud solutions, cross-platform apps made with Xamarin, and more, our ASP.NET development company offers a wide range of reliable software development services for smooth and effective implementation of your project requirements.

Migration to .NET
We have everything needed to assure smooth migration of your existing apps and digital services to the .NET web platform, boosting their performance along the way. While migrating to the .NET-ecosystem, we will turn your app into the one that is cross-platform, cross-browser, high-performance, and cloud-compatible, using ASP.NET Core framework, JavaScript and HTML5 as needed.
Migration to the cloud
We’ve gained practical experience by launching, handling, deploying, and scaling in the cloud the most advanced ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core MVC based applications. We prefer Azure and Amazon AWS as the most efficient and reliable platforms to run our clients' apps in the cloud. We also work with Docker containers to assure efficient deployments.
Mobile development with Xamarin
We provide .NET-based mobile cross-platform development using the Xamarin framework to create apps compatible with both iOS and Android. This way of delivering mobile apps allows implementing a set of useful .NET-features such as LINQ, Lambdas, and asynchronous programming. With Xamarin, our development professionals can expand your software solution through the native platform capabilities such as multi-window support on Android and ARKit on iOS.
API services
We can enrich your .NET-based app functionality by integrating it with third-party services via APIs, such as mobile backends, single-page app (SPA) backend solutions, etc. This interconnection enables rapid, secure and scalable operation of your app as well as leaves room for future integrations with third-party software, such as desktop and web applications. We also plug in Azure mobile services to equip your app with additional cloud storage, built-in authentication, and push notification support.

Our .NET Toolkit

When developing solutions, our technical consultants and engineers apply only the latest .NET frameworks, tools, and technologies to implement our clients’ requirements in the most innovative and resource-saving way.

Primary Techs


C#.NET.NET CoreDocker containers

Primary Techs



Primary Techs


WPFUniversal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

Primary Techs


AngularJSAngularReactKnockout JSVue JS






RabbitMQMassTransitMessage Bus (Azure)


StructureMapNinjectCastle WindsorAutofacUnitySimple Injector.NET Core

Data Management


MSSQLPostgreSQLOracleMySQLSQLiteSQL / Stored Procedures

Data Management



ORM & Mapping

NHibernateEntity FrameworkEF CoreDapperAutoMapper

Cloud Computing Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft AzureThird-Party APIs

.NET for Your Business Area

Thanks to the global roll-out of big data, high-capacity computing, and cloud technologies, there is a growing number of industries that welcome the productive automation brought by .NET-based software products. We deliver our advanced solutions for a range of such business verticals and domains as:

Financial management
Internet of Things
Project management
Customer relationship management

Get .NET tech consulting from our team to learn what it takes
to launch your software project with Microsoft technologies at the core.

Why Turn to Mbicycle’s .NET Developers

Our competent managers and engineers could name a few more convincing reasons why you should choose Microsoft frameworks for your future project and hire .NET developers to carry out the implementation:

We have 5+ years of software development expertise

Our developers are officially Microsoft-certified

We assure the high security of our ASP.NET-applications through elaborate risk management, embedded Secure Software Development Lifecycle, the use of Windows firewalls during operation, and authentication with DotNet role-based security tools

We deliver .NET development services quickly thanks to utilizing reusable code components

We know how to work with limited budgets, correctly prioritizing tasks and using Agile development methodology and thus delivering the full functionality at a comparatively lower cost

We integrate the .NET framework easily thanks to using such of its features as private components, controlled code sharing, partially trusted code deployment, and more

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