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We develop custom software for sports team management as the key tool to improve communication within these groups.

Sports Team Management App Development

Partnering with sports team management app developers from Mbicycle, you can create social, analytical, and management features with instant access to your services via mobile devices. For instance, our apps allow athletes or coaches to share team statistics, upload media content, check & update an event calendar and set timely notifications on the go.

Mbicycle has developed a wide range of sports management apps, including:

Sports team management apps
Basketball team management apps
Online sports (eSports) team management apps
Applications for sports clubs & leagues
Sports league management software
Sports tournaments apps

Take a look at a few sports software solutions developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Common Features of Sports Team Management Software Development

We provide custom online sports team management software with the following features to meet our clients’ needs:

Integration between wearable devices and management software
Integration with wearable devices, such as heart-rate & glucose monitors, sensors in sports gear & equipment, activity trackers, etc. Conversely, we can integrate any wearable device into your team management software. Implementing this feature as a part of IoT app development helps your software communicate with various wearable hardware gathering specific data, sending remote notifications, and expanding overall user engagement methods.
Integration software with third-party payment and engagement solutions
A set of ad hoc features that is efficient in cases when it's important to deliver your audience some narrow-focused services for specific sports or business types. This feature set may include a subscription system with a built-in payment service, a single screen with advanced analytics, or an interactive playground view map with 3D AR-based elements.
Setting up analytics tools and systems for measuring data in convenient way
A simple, straightforward, and detailed set of tools, graphics & charts for displaying up-to-date statistics. With this feature, team management reduces the problem of inaccurate or incorrectly displayed data on a number of sports indicators, health parameters, and other crucial characteristics.

Sports Team Management App Development Services

Managing a sports team usually involves a variety of tasks from engaging participants to planning their activities. Our sports software development services build on every feature that is needed to run, support, and maintain such.

We also help with migrating sports team management software to the Cloud for improving overall performance and best utilizing our clients’ resources.

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