Automated Drilling Engineering Software

The Mbicycle specialists augmented the client’s in-house development team to assist them with automating their real-time drilling oil and gas engineering software solution.

Client & Context

Our client is a huge drilling engineering services provider, that works hard on automating its business processes in the oil & gas industry. They’ve already successfully launched specific engineering software to manage drilling processes and calculate various related parameters. Still, to maintain and improve the efficiency of their business processes, as well as optimize the entire performance of the company, they decided to gradually automate a piece of their app functionality.

Keeping up with this goal, the client’s assignee reached Mbicycle to hire several software engineers that are qualified enough to assist their in-house department with automating and improving their current oil and gas drilling software.

Challenges & Requirements

The primary idea of the client’s software focused on combining digital solutions with industrial technology to assure the automation of various drilling processes and provide efficient diagnostics and analytics of drilling processes.


We put together both Mbicycle’s dedicated experts and in-house employees from the client’s company, so the overall project team included the following qualified specialists:

  • Scrum master
  • Product owner
  • Five frontend developers
  • Five backend developers
  • Project manager
  • Designer
  • Three QA engineers

As the key development methodology, the project team followed Agile Scrum with two-week sprints. We held demo sessions for the client and retrospective meetings — every two weeks also. The entire task scope was scheduled and approved by experts from the client’s company.


Dedicated experts from Mbicycle developed a common service for the Monthly Report feature, needed for the entire project team as the basis to implement other related features in the client’s automated drilling software. The functionality designed by our engineers helped with loading the report settings and then going through their sections to call report line calculators and compute the specific values for every user.

Next, the client distributed the project team members into groups to implement specific calculators for narrow-focused computes. Specialists from the Mbicycle company worked on designing and integrating one of those specialized calculators.

Moreover, we took part in updating the database scheme, and close-knit integration of the customer’s financial service, including changing the structure of the loaded data. Amongst others, our software engineers took part in implementing the following tasks:

  • Reporting during daily meetings, backlog refinement, and replenishment check-ups.
  • Resolving current tickets from customers.
  • Fixing bugs and technical issues.
  • Teaming up with frontend and QA departments from the client’s company to perform planned and urgent tasks mutually.

Technologies & Tools






.NET Core

Third-party library APIs

Microsoft Azure, SQL DB, Queues, CI/CD


As we fully and effectively accomplished all the required tasks for improving this drilling engineering software, the client was compliant with the final results.

The Mbicycle engineers, who worked on this project, have already been involved to implement another in-app calculation feature. Beyond that, the client has already requested a few more backend developers from Mbicycle for further improvement and automation of their oil & gas drilling software.