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We cover IoT-focused software development for consumer and enterprise purposes with the latest and most advanced technologies.

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Dedicated IoT Software Engineering Teams with Relevant Expertise

For more than 5 years, our IoT application development team has helped startups and SMEs assure inside and outside navigation for large corporate buildings, set marketing analytics for retail stores, organize food delivery involving professional chefs, gather and display real-time sports data for basketball players, teams, and coaches. During this process, our IoT software development specialists always strive to embed the latest and most powerful technologies in our software solutions and provide our clients with the most qualified dedicated teams with relevant skills and expertise.

Our experts cover IoT-based app development, data analytics, software maintenance, and other related services for Healthcare & Medicine, Sports & Wellness, Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and other business domains, as follows:

Consumer behavior analytics and marketing
NFC and RFID tags and scanners
Health tracking monitors
Indoor and outdoor navigation and wayfinding apps
Autonomous and self-driving vehicles management
Digital information panels and screens
Smart locks

Take a look at a few IoT based software and apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Embedding IoT-made Software into Running Systems

If you plan to launch a brand-new product or just upscale your current IoT solution, our experts are able to create an MVP, analyze your current ecosystem to improve it, and provide other Internet of Things software development services with the highest level of technical skills and qualifications to run and support your product.

Due to our previous successful experience, we are ready to prototype and integrate smart devices into your current infrastructure, build and launch an IoT ecosystem based on your software services, assure real-time data gathering from your pre-installed sensors or NFC-tags, maintain and migrate your services to the Cloud, and perform data analytics on mobile and web devices remotely.

Designing Hardware Prototypes

To build a full-fledged IoT system you’ll need specific software and hardware providers. We can resolve both of these tasks on a turnkey basis as we have worked with world-class affiliates in prototyping and manufacturing IoT-running hardware for our previous solutions, including sports apps gathering real-time statistics about basketball games, indoor and outdoor navigation apps, and other similar projects.

Prototyping smart devices, such as RFID, Beacons, NFC-tags, and developing specific software for them as a complex service helps our clients get well-designed IoT-based systems and provide their customers with custom solutions.

Common Questions About the IoT Software Field

  • What does an IoT developer do?

    An IoT developer works on creating software for IoT-based ecosystems operating various connected sensors and devices. The main focus for an IoT developer is on mastering AirTags, Beacons, NFC-tags, wearables, and other devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.
  • What skills are required for IoT?

    The main skills required for IoT development include mastering JavaScript, Python, Node.js, as well as expertise in Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and GPS systems.
  • How does IoT influence mobile app development?

    Running IoT-based software on mobile devices provides users with a variety of handy features, including managing their smart home systems, tracking health and activity parameters, analyzing customer behavior and marketing parameters in retail and other related fields, and more.
  • Which programming language is used in IoT?

    The most popular programming languages in IoT development are C and C++ due to their fine-grained memory management and low runtime overhead. Python is also widely used to develop IoT-focused solutions.
  • What are the most requested directions in IoT development?

    The most popular IoT-based apps often include software solutions for smart homes, autonomous and self-driving vehicles, indoor/outdoor navigation, retail stores analytics, medical health trackers, wearable activity monitors, and others.
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