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Get Java development services for your project from Mbicycle tech-experts.

Java Application Development

Mbicycle has an extensive experience of delivering robust Java applications on time and on budget. To date, we have helped sports and student clubs, engineering and insurance companies oil management enterprises, and more clients to launch their Java-based software.

With a long-standing experience of mobile and web software development, Mbicycle offers a range of Java software development services to deliver:

Enterprise web applications
Desktop app development

Take a Look at Several Solutions Successfully Developed by Our Team:

24/7 Available Java Consultants

Mbicycle has a full-fledged department of qualified consultants helping our clients get ready for the unleashing of their application development projects.

From the project idea to its implementation and technical support, our consultants stay in touch with the client at every stage of the entire development cycle to minimize the number of possible roadblocks in the implementation of their software.

Get in touch with Mbicycle’s consultants for more details about our Java software development services.

Our Java Toolkit

In our work, we apply only the latest Java technologies and frameworks for the proper implementation of big data, cloud, and other innovative solutions.

Frameworks I

Spring Framework (Boot / Cloud / Data / MVC / Security / Integration)

Frameworks II

FlywayLiquibaseHibernate iBATISJUnitJSPJSF

Frameworks III


Frameworks IV

Netflix OSS (Ribbon / Eureka / Hystrix / Zuul)





Cloud Computing Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Message Brokers and Queues

Apache KafkaRabbitMQApache ActiveMQAmazon SQS

Data Management


RDBMS: OracleMySQLMSSQLPostgreSQLAmazon AuroraH2

Data Management



Data Management


MemcachedHazelcastRedisAmazon ElastiCache

Data Management



Java for Your Industry

We work closely with a variety of business verticals, helping companies roll out their Java software solutions and considering their individual characteristics.

Finance & Banking
Sports & Fitness
Education & E-learning
Retail & E-commerce

Key Benefits of Java Development

If you are still looking for the most suitable platform to digitize your services or operations, this is our take on the key benefits brought by Java as an application development platform.

Java fully supports object-oriented programming (OOP), which implies developers not only determine the type of data and its structure, but also the set of functions applied to it. In addition to OOP, Java is also compatible with lambda expressions and anonymous functions. Mbicycle’s team uses OOP to facilitate development and make software flexible and extensible.
Java is secure as it doesn’t use pointers that store a value's memory address and thus may allow unauthorized access to the memory. Another aspect of high-level security is Java Security Manager that specifies access rules for applications. Our developers always use Java Security Manager and pre-run apps in a sandbox to assure their security and avoid risks.
Developing apps with Java is based on the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) principle. WORA allows developers to create Java software for a particular operating system, then compile it to bytecode and launch it on any other platform where a Java Virtual Machine is installed. We use the WORA principle to fast-track the coding of Java apps and save time for other tasks and improvements.
Using Java is free from the start, so it doesn't require any payments from a company or independent developers to set off creating Java applications. This free-to-use policy also contributes to the growth of the Java community and the widespread adoption of Java among businesses. Thanks to this, Mbicycle’s experts can offer a fair price for our Java application development services.

Why Hire Java Developers from Mbicycle?

If you have already decided on the development platform and right now are looking for the appropriate team of competent Java developers for hire, we at Mbicycle have a few more final thoughts to leave you with.

Established practices
We always prioritize convenience for our clients, adapting the project team’s operating hours to the client's time zone, carefully selecting experts most familiar with the technologies to be used in the project, and choosing the most appropriate development methodology.
Security & compliance
We ensure the security of our clients’ software solutions and commercial information. Our experts thoroughly follow industry-class security and data safety standards, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO:9001, and others, and protect every project with an NDA.
Dedicated teams
We keep all our development workforce under one roof so that you can have access to well-established teams of professionals who have successfully cooperated with each other on past projects.
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