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We bring together our app engineering skills and expertise to deliver value-added digital services for your business, using React Native. Mbicycle’s experts know how to unleash the potential of this framework for cross-platform solutions while keeping time to market short.

We are open to cooperation with small, medium, and large enterprises to deliver their smart tailored cross-platform applications at a reasonable cost.

React Native Application Development Services

The engineers and developers from our company deliver the full scope of cross-platform development services, including implementation of the React Native framework. We gained the relevant experience on our past projects, such as for the Lingualeo e-learning provider and more companies in sports, healthcare, and e-commerce.

These are major React Native app development services that we successfully deliver to our clients worldwide:

Full-cycle React Native development
Taking you from an ambitious idea to a completed software solution, the developers and managers from Mbicycle provide full-cycle cross-platform app development based on React Native, including development, design, testing, and maintenance services. We can also augment your narrow-profiled team with our experienced React Native developers if necessary.

We make the most of all the benefits of React Native, such as reusable code, pre-built components, live and hot reloading, third-party plugin support, simplified UI elements, modular architecture, declarative coding, and others to unleash the potential of your future cross-platform application.

We also monitor every delivered app after its launch to ensure that your end-users get an exceptional experience as close to that of a native app as possible.

Native APIs for cross-platform apps
Our team of experts wraps existing native code elements into React components and makes them interact with native APIs via React’s UI paradigm and JavaScript. This method makes the process similar to native app development and allows involving iOS and Android native developers to complete the project much faster.

As parts of a specific app written in React Native have no trouble interacting with parts written in iOS and Android native languages, we can improve your current software and expand it with the React Native-specific features compatible with both operating systems.

This fast-paced development method is beneficial for our clients, who get apps for each operating system functioning like natively written apps but with fewer resources consumed.

Commonly Used React Native Tech Stack

Primary Techs



Primary Techs


React NativeUIKitVictoriaMaterial design

Common Libraries and Tools

Android StudioXCodeWebstormReduxRedux-sagaRedux-thunkReact-native-debuggerGraphQl (Apollo Client)StorybookFastlane


MVIMVPMVVMFeature-sliceClean Architecture

Dependency Injection




Data Management

ReduxApollo ClientSQLiteMobX

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)Firebase services

Key Benefits of
React Native-based Apps

Such well-known services and companies as Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, Uber, Discord, Tesla, and others all use React Native in their applications. Join their ranks to enjoy the following benefits:

Rapid deployment
We use React Native to speed up time to market by up to 30% thanks to code reusability and thus provide our clients with high-quality apps faster.
Talent availability
We have numerous JavaScript developers on board, who can use their knowledge to create apps for both iOS and Android with React Native in the tech stack.
Extensive toolkit
React Native provides a wide range of development tools and consoles that are well-tailored to execute application features easily and effectively with no lags.
Smooth development
Thanks to React Native being open-source as well as to such features as the plain implementation of native code elements, hassle-free states management, and hot reloading, Mbicycle’s experts guarantee smooth cross-platform development of our clients’ apps.

Our React Native mobile app development company is ready to deliver solutions in line with your requirements.

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Why Choose React Native App Development with Mbicycle?

We have delivered more than 30 mobile applications for different business verticals so far. We know how crucial it is to reach vast user groups across different software platforms while making it quickly and cost-efficiently.

We use the React Native framework for cross-platform development to assure fast performance, responsive user interfaces with native elements of each mobile operating platform, and rapid app deployment. Here are a few more convincing reasons to hire React Native app developers from our company:

Full-cycle software development

Cross-platform engineering skills

Qualified dedicated teams

35+ successfully delivered software solutions

High standards of performance testing

Free before-the-start quote from our consultants

Passionate Agile practitioners

On-time delivery guarantee

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