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Financial App Development Experts

Working closely with commercial and investment banks, credit unions, stock exchanges, savings and loan associations, and other financial services providers, we at Mbicycle understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every case.

We treat each project individually to find the most appropriate solution out of our fintech product development stack.

Our Custom Fintech
Software Solutions

With trading companies, hedge funds, banking and credit institutions among our customers, we have versatile and long-standing expertise in financial app development. Leveraging this knowledge, Mbicycle's experts develop custom banking and financial software to fit the most complex requirements of the global finance market.

AI & ML-driven finance solutions
Working with disruptive technologies, we implement AI & ML-powered solutions with a number of intelligent features under the hood:
  • Automated document processing
  • Fraud prevention and threat analysis
  • Biometrics and face-recognition identification for users’ security
  • Stock market predictions and analytics
  • Chatbots and voice assistants
  • Intelligent customer profiling and segmentation
  • AI-enabled business process automation
Mobile banking
We build iOS and Android mobile applications for financial institutions, letting them grow their audience and boost their customer experience with the following features:
  • User account management
  • Secure mobile payments and money transfers
  • Customizable notifications related to transactions
  • GPS navigation to your branded ATMs and offices, with AR thrown in as needed
  • Personalized offers and loyalty programs
Smart contracts & blockchain technologies

We create, manage, and integrate fintech-specific decentralized blockchain applications (DApps).

Moving to blockchain-based mechanisms such as smart contracts helps banks and other financial institutions optimize and protect their operational workflows, as well as provide more options and benefits for their customers, compared to regular financial institutions.

Trading platforms

We develop market-scanning and auto-trading financial platforms to give your users the most convenient way of making transactions across exchanges while tracking deals from end to end.

We acquired the relevant experience working on big data visualizations of Dow Jones and NASDAQ international indexes, currency rates, and Israeli stock market indexes, among other projects.

Credit management software
We help banks and specialized credit institutions with the implementation of web and mobile financial solutions, CRM data management and migration, digital customer onboarding, and account management automation.
Security & fraud prevention
Banking and finance are highly prone to fraudulent activities in comparison to other industries. Leveraging our previous experience, we at Mbicycle help our clients detect and prevent fraud, be it aimed at credit cards, ATMs, physical branches, customers’ transactional data, or other confidential information.

Take a look at a few financial software development projects done by Mbicycle:

Mobile App Development
Financial Services at the Core

If you want to provide your audience with robust, stable access to your company’s services, you need to take into account the entire variety of devices and channels in use by your customers.

Keeping this in mind, we assure cross-platform accessibility, helpful UI, and advanced interactivity when developing custom banking fintech software for our clients. Our applications are tuned for precisely those devices your users will want to interact through while using your financial products.

Desktop & laptops
Indoor & outdoor terminals

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Why Choose Mbicycle for Your Financial Project?

When conceiving a groundbreaking financial solution, you’ll need a tight-knit team of professionals with the relevant experience and solid technological knowledge base. Mbicycle’s financial software developers are the ones you’re looking for here, well-versed in wide-ranging set of solutions for you to choose from for your fintech project:

Mobile banking applications

CRM for banking and credit institutions

Financial risk management software

Business intelligence tools

Data analytics software for stock exchanges and trading platforms

Marketing automation for fintech sector — and more

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