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Our team builds powerful native-like mobile apps with a single codebase using the Flutter cross-platform framework and adhering to the estimated terms & budget.

Flutter App Development Services by Mbicycle

We help startups and companies of all sizes with creating robust native-like software based on the Flutter cross-platform framework. Following our client requirements carefully, we always take into account the project time frame & budget to offer the following development services:

Flutter mobile app development for iOS and Android
Flutter web development services
Migration web applications to Flutter
Optimize Flutter-based apps
Maintenance & support of Flutter apps
Management of Flutter development teams

Take a look at a few flutter-based apps developed by Mbicycle’s experts:

Flutter Mobile Solutions across Domains

We have relevant skills and technical expertise in delivering Flutter-based cross-platform app development services in the following domains:

On-demand Economy
including solutions for food delivery, marketplaces, telehealth, car rental, and other software services.
including solutions for sports team management, betting, real-time tracking health and performance data, fitness & wellness software.
including apps for online tutoring, second-screen and showcase solutions, e-learning platforms, educational clubs & centers.

Commonly Used Flutter Tech Stack

Primary Techs



Primary Techs


FlutterMaterial designCupertino Design

Common Libraries and Tools

Android StudioXcodeFlutter PerformanceFlutter InspectorFlutter Outline


Clean ArchitectureMVIMVCMVVM

Dependency Injection



Unit testsWidget testsIntegration testsflutter_testflutter_driverflutter_gallery

Data Management

ReduxMobXBLoC / RxProviderRiverpodGetXsetState

Cloud Services

Firebase servicesAmplify Flutter

Benefits of Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter Android and iOS app development offer the following crucial benefits when compared to native custom software development:

  • Short time-to-market
  • Cost efficiency
  • Optimized performance
  • Flutter’s code is supported by web browsers
  • Hot Reload feature to see code changes in real-time
  • Ability to work with the previous versions of iOS and Android
  • Windows and macOS desktop apps support
  • Reduced size of written code, development terms, and staff

Comparing Flutter & React Native Technologies

Based on our experience, we made a comparison table with the key specifications of Flutter and React Native app development frameworks to help our clients define the most appropriate tool according to the project needs & requirements.

FlutterReact Native
Flutter is a free, open-source software development kitReact Native is a free, open-source software framework
Apps produce heavy load on CPU/GPUWorking with React Native, developers create relatively simplistic and lightweight applications
Launched by Google in May 2017Launched by Facebook in March 2015
Google, Amazon, Alibaba Group, Groupon, Square, use Flutter in their productsInstagram, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, Discord build and update their applications with React Native
Flutter-based apps can be running on wearable and embedded devices, desktops, and vehicle built-in screensThe apps made with React Native can be launched on web and/or mobile platforms only
The UI of Flutter-based apps usually requires detailed customizationThe development team requires solid skills in JS, React, React Native

Common Questions About Flutter App Development

  • What is Flutter app development?

    Flutter is an open-source software development kit initially launched by Google and released in May 2017. Developers use Flutter to develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Google Fuchsia, as well as web applications operating a single codebase.
  • Is Flutter good for app development?

    Flutter is an open-source free framework for developers and designers, which is great for developing 2D mobile apps to launch both on iOS and Android platforms. It's also a great tool to deliver interactive apps to run on desktop and web page
  • What language does Flutter use?

    To build apps with Flutter, developers use Google's official programming language, Dart. This language implies asynchronous programming using the Flutter Future class and ensures enhanced app performance and response time.
  • Is Flutter good for beginners?

    In short, yes, Flutter is a very good framework for beginners. As Flutter uses an object-oriented Dart programming language, by learning it, you'll handle the entire Flutter framework quite easily.
  • Can I use Flutter for web development?

    The web platform is quite flexible itself, and the Flutter framework fits great for building web apps like PWAs or SPAs and bringing your current mobile app to the web environment.
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