GDPR-compliant Insurance Portal Development

We delivered a web portal for helping insurance and healthcare providers charge for medical services timely and accurately.


We arranged this software project for a global provider of independent medical reviews helping reduce claim costs and decrease the overutilization of medical services. They needed a web portal where medical and insurance companies could define and charge accurate amounts of money for different medical services in accordance with the latest data security policies.

The company had already started building a system to perform these specific tasks, but it still didn’t meet data security requirements and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. That’s why the client was looking for a qualified insurance portal development team well-versed in GDPR compliance and medical app development.

The client chose Mbicycle as an expert in software development outsourcing to carry out this project. Our main advantage against competitors was our previous experience developing medical solutions compliant with the GDPR. Mbicycle’s developers were tasked with developing robust compliant software that helps insurance companies assess the scope and quality of medical care delivered to calculate correct coverage amounts.

Insurance portal web intefrace


As a solution to our client’s challenge, we launched a web portal that allowed several types of users to work with the client’s review and analytics system within their specific responsibilities.

Features by User Roles

Insurance company employees can:

  • Submit applications for consideration of medical cases
  • Control the statuses of applications under consideration
  • Define the coverage amount to be paid out for each application

Medical providers can:

  • Consider, approve or reject applications
  • Make a resolution on applications
  • Define the amount to be charged for each application

The client’s quality control team can:

  • Validate processed applications
  • Request rework from the medical provider

The client’s system administrator can:

  • Manage users of the system
  • Manage and control financial ratios
  • Set user access rights
  • Tailor applications to different insurance companies

The client-side accountant can:

  • Receive and process information about amounts payable to medical providers and remuneration charged from insurers

We worked out the distribution of roles and responsibilities for each user type in the system and created convenient data management interfaces for each user group. Mbicycle’s web developers also implemented role-based access control to enable only relevant features for each user type.

The developed system offers straightforward, manageable workflows for processing applications, enabling version control, ensuring data integrity, and sustainable centralized collaboration on applications by all parties involved.


Mbicycle’s team followed the Kanban methodology while working on this insurance portal development project.

We set off by developing the architecture, which included preparing the project documentation and building basic architectural blocks.

In the next step, we enabled authorization and access distribution between different types of users and implemented privilege management screens. At this stage, we also developed a flexible design tool for the visual editing of applications.

The next milestone for our development team was to introduce the application processing workflow. Our experts developed an application route designer with a set of built-in default routes to do this. We implemented a version control system to track application statuses timely and with correct data displayed.

At the final stage of creating the web solution for our client, the Mbicycle team got down to the financial features. That was the most critical as well as time-consuming part of the project, where we developed:

  • Screens for setting the rules to calculate amounts to be covered by insurance companies
  • Screens for managing the rules to score prices for delivered medical services
  • A tool for automatic calculation of all the payments depending on particular medical case parameters
  • A financial report generator

Insurance portal web intefrace

Technologies & Tools

Programming language



Service-oriented architecture (SOA)




Spring Framework, Hibernate


Microsoft SQL Server


After this year-long insurance portal development, we delivered a multifunctional web solution that now helps medical and insurance companies calculate and charge accurate sums of money for medical services delivered to their customers.

Our client got the ultimate solution to their challenge — a web portal with several features implemented, such as:

  • Role-based access for different user types, along with privilege management dashboards
  • Application lifecycle management
  • A flexible design tool for editing applications
  • A convenient workflow for application processing
  • A route designer for applications
  • A document version control system
  • Finance management with rule-setting for calculating insurers’ coverage and payments to medical providers GDPR-compliant data management workflows

Cooperating with a huge international company while working on this project was a great experience for the entire Mbicycle team. Our client was completely satisfied with the final solution, which is equally useful for medical providers and insurance companies worldwide.