Delivery Management Software Development

We’ve extended the client’s current delivery management software by adding several features in line with the existing code architecture.


In this project, a huge Eurasian retailer turned to our company to request a development team that is able to enhance their current delivery management solution.

When the client referred to us, they were pointedly looking for qualified experts in the Eastern Europe IT-region, because that fit well with their budget and the required scope of tasks. According to the client, their decision to choose our company among competitors was based primarily on our technical background and soft skills, as well as a number of delivered software projects they got to see in our portfolio.

Since the platform was already running and included various options, the client needed to ensure the most reliable and efficient ways to implement new features without affecting current functionality. So the primary task for our web development team was to augment the client’s existing delivery management software by adding several new features in line with the existing code architecture.

Delivery management software UI


Our solution was basically focused on improving the overall quality of the existing online delivery management system and enhancing the variety of services. We were able to implement our solution successfully by introducing the following features:

  • Checking the availability status of automated parcel terminals and timely providing it for third-party retailers and services
  • Gathering and displaying statistics and analytics
  • Forming follow-up documents and printed materials
  • Implementing Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Improving the UX components

As the client had already launched and operated their delivery management platform, our solution architect arranged specific research before implementing new features just to avoid any compatibility issues within the current source code.


The project team on the Mbicycle side included a project manager, solution architect, two web developers, and a QA engineer. Our experts worked closely with a project manager and a few web developers on the client’s side.

In this project, we followed the Agile methodology. We split the entire delivery scheduling on-demand software development into two- and three-week sprints and held daily online meetings to check the status of every task, eliminate issues timely, and track the progress within each sprint.

Delivery management software UI screens

Technologies & Tools

Programming language



NodeJS, ReactJS



Third-party libraries & frameworks

Apache Airflow, Ansible, Apigee, Camunda, Elasticsearch, Kafka, OpenShift, Spring, Tarantool


After about seven months of effective work, we’ve delivered a number of properly implemented features in line with the client’s existing software architecture. As a result of our cooperation, the client got the ability to swiftly gather statistical and analytical data about delivery management operations, timely notify third-party companies and services about the availability of the parcel terminals, and also simplify the ordering process due to UX improvements.

Due to all the improvements made, the client could increase the number of customers and orders placed, as well as enhance the geography of their automated parcel machines.