Both mobile and web application to assure navigation inside and outside corporate buildings, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Beacons, WiFi and Cloud technologies.


The Client needed an application that can provide detailed and accurate navigation inside the specific corporate buildings, such as malls, hospitals, corporate campuses, gyms, and surrounding areas.


We decided to organize indoor navigation based on Google Maps, Bluetooth Low Energy and Blue Dot technologies for more accurate internal navigation. Thanks to intelligible indoor positioning and navigation solutions, developed by our team, Spreo algorithms can be further embedded for almost every company, including corporate campuses, gyms, stadiums, retailers/malls, hospitals, and transportation hubs.

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The Blue Dot technology provides you with real-time updates as far as you move along the route, and you can also snap to the pathway for a smoother wayfinding experience. Due to this, with Blue Dot positioning technology, BLE-technology, and Google Maps SDK, we developed an application with a number of useful features, such as indoor wayfinding and navigation, location sharing, geofencing, proximity triggers (that cause some specific events, like push-notifications or meeting rooms check-in), and gathering location-based analytics. There are a lot of companies worldwide that use Spreo navigation, wayfinding, and other efficient services for their corporate purposes. Tabcorp, Dell, McDonald’s are among them.

Technologies we used

For iOS: Objective-C, Swift, C, WebSocket, iOS SDK, REST API, Cocoa, Google maps, Location, Social Networks API (publishing, crawlers, oAuth), Core Data, Facebook SDK, Linkedin SDK, Google SDK, Core Bluetooth.
For Android: KontaktIO, Estimote, MYST SDK.
For backend: J2EE full-stack (Servlet, JDBC, JAX-RS), Apache-commons, Stampy 1.2, Tomcat 7, Java 7, Apache2.4, WebSocket API, Maven.