SportsApp is a platform for sports clubs' members and managers. The mobile app is designed for clubs members and implies creating chats, organize events, share photos and other news. The web interface is developed for clubs' administrators to manage participants' activity and all the information about the club.


The SportsApp project started with the idea to organize a community for sports clubs and their members. MBicycle Team did a great job in detailed business analysis for this project.


Our strategy was to develop two versions of the service — mobile app (iOS and Android) for members of sports clubs, and a specific web interface for clubs’ managers and administrators.

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As a solution for club participants, MBicycle Team provided a ready-to-use mobile application for iOS and Android users, who are able to create profile and chats, communicate, share news, events, and photos among club members.
As a solution for sports club managers, we developed a web interface with the abilities to set up sports club main info, add a logo, website, country, main activities, as well as manage club organization structure and its members’ personal info (like phone or email).

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