ShotTracker Player

Track your shot attempts, makes and misses in real time, using Net and Wrist sensors, and share your workout results with you friends.


There are two sensors: the wrist sensor which is installing on the player hand for detecting attempts. The net sensor, which installing on the basketball basket for detecting makes. So, the main task is to connect these both sensors in one process, receive events (attempt/make) from them and to display the statistics based on the data received.


To develop app which will communicate with sensors via BLE connection, handle and collect data from sensors. To connect this app with the other ShotTracker applications for data transfer.

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Mobile app, which connects to sensors via BLE, gets data from these sensors, and display attempts and makes. Then, sync with server, provide the detailed statistics, and allows you to receive special workouts/drills from coaches, pass them and take part in the camps and the challenges with other players, and view statistics of their games based on TeamApp technology.


ShotTracker TEAM will revolutionize the game not only because it automates the tracking of detailed player stats, but also because it's an affordable solution for basketball programs at every level.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson