Lingualeo is an efficient and free English-learning app based on modern learning methodologies, combining elements of gamification with high-quality content. Today over 18 million people worldwide use Lingualeo to improve their knowledge in English. MBicycle Team developed several new lessons for English-learning iOS app (compatible both for iPhone and iPad) using Swift.


Lingualeo is an English-learning service that provides a lot of games, training, and practices for students with different levels of knowledge. Our task was to enlarge existing learning practices as well as improve the user experience for Lingualeo iOS application.


We decided to create several new lessons for the iOS app. We used the Swift programming language to boost the whole work of the app as well as the run of these new lessons. Using Swift can also help to make further changes in the code easier and faster if needed.

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As a solution, we provided Lingualeo with “Grammar Training”, “Reading”, and “Organize the Gaps” lessons developed with Swift.

Technologies we used

Fastlane, CoreData, Grand Central Dispatch (GDC), CoreAnimation, Foundation.