EnCata Test Platform is a service that guides startups and state cooperations from idea to working prototype with full design, prototyping work, and manufacturing documentation. EnCata also provides startups with consultancy on which materials and manufacturing techniques to use.


The task for our development team was to organize all the internal management and business processes for EnCata company.


We chose the strategy when employees can learn the internal standards of EnCata company using our web service. Later they can pass tests related to responsibilities that are relevant to their positions, check their knowledge about the corporate standards, as well as work with the internal EnCata files.

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MBicycle experts have learned EnCata corporate standards by themselves to assure employees with the proper options and interface to get acquainted with it. We also added occasional tools for making working time reports that are synchronizing with 1C and Planfix systems for institutional needs.

Technologies we used

Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Integration, Spring Data MongoDB, GridFS, Joda Time lib, SMTP, Apache Commons, MongoDB, Docker, Linux Ubuntu, Nginx.