DocDoor is an application which is designed to provide people who need medical help with qualified online consultation from a specific medical expert.


Our task was to provide people with the ability to get online consultation from medical specialists from a specific clinic at a convenient time. The main idea of the service lies in the fact that the patient can choose from predefined symptoms or add his own, and on their basis choose a qualified specialist who is familiar with these symptoms.


Our team worked on the DocDoor iOS application and developed all the necessary features for stable work and convenience for users. We decided to implement audio and video calls feature to get consultations from medical experts right in the app. Users can also sort specialists according to patients' symptoms and choose from different clinics on the map.

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As a solution, DocDoor users received a convenient iOS application, where they can consult a specialist, select the relevant symptoms of their illness, a specific clinic, and set a convenient time for a video or audio call. In the future, we plan to add the ability to make payments inside the app, as well as receive prescriptions from doctors online, which will be taken in pharmacies along with the usual prescriptions.

Technologies we used

MVVM, UIKit, WebRTC, CallKit, PushKit, GoogleMaps.