Why Develop An Application
For Education Industry?

Remote training and webinars, virtual classrooms, tracking of schedule and progress – all of these are not something offbeat, it’s the reality of Education sphere nowadays. With the help of current technologies the whole education system is going online and becoming mobile with each day.

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes are promoting their own mobile apps because using them they can manage and guide their students better, and provide them with all the necessary knowledge bases. But not only educational institutes can boost their businesses with Education web or mobile applications. There are a lot of industries that can implement their business services for pupils and students. And the main task for those companies is to find the right qualified team with appropriate skills.

Our Technologies Expertise

With years of successful experience, MBicycle team offers to develop efficient and robust education solutions for mobile, wearable, and web devices using iOS, Android, and Java up-to-date technologies, tools, and frameworks. Our iOS experts handle with ARKit, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RXSwift, ReactiveCocoa frameworks, and technologies. Android team is good at using Butter Knife, React Native, RxJava, Gradle technologies, just as Java developers effectively use Spring, JAX-RS, JavaFX in their work.

Featured MBicycle Projects
For Education Industry

Here are the latest Education mobile and web solutions delivered by our proficient experts.
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Tasks You Can Solve
Using Education Apps

  • Organizing of online tests or examinations, and checking their results
  • Providing handy access to a big multimedia storage: audio and video courses, images, pdf-presentations
  • A remote management system of educational institutes
  • E-library with a large number of electronic books and tutorials
  • Efficient analytics tools for individual assessments of each student
  • Easy-to-use online payments system
  • Convenient notifications for parents about their children’s progress

Current Trends In The Field Of
Education App Development

  • Online training, webinars, school lessons with international teachers
  • Gaming-based education apps
  • 3D, VR, and AR courses, classes, and seminars
  • Personal and self-paced education plans and programs
  • Push-notifications and reminders connected with students’ wearable devices
  • Timely and detailed feedback from students about teachers’ work

Four Easy Steps Of Our Development Process

Getting in touch

Share with us the ideas you have along with the description or prototype of your future project. Get in touch through the web form or visit our Headquarter office in Boston, MA (USA).

Analyse & Estimate your project

Our qualified analysts will contact you back asap to understand and sum up the conclusive description of your future project. We will also find the most suitable due dates and the most reasonable pricing policy for you.

Get a solution

MBicycle proficient developers, analysts, QA engineers will provide you with a solution, adjusted to your needs, using up-to-date tools, frameworks, and technologies. We work in sprints keeping in touch with our Client to make demonstrations and validate results throughout all stages of readiness.

Full-range support

After the implementation phase, we still continue to provide the necessary support to make sure your project works right and any arising problems will be solved seamlessly.


Tell us your Idea. We’ll do the rest.


  • On-request qualified assistance
  • Consultation from our proficient experts
  • Detailed project estimation


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