Top IT Project Ideas Helping Final-year Students Get a Fair Job Offer

October 04, 2021

One of the most influential moments for final year students is running up their degree projects. The main idea of this project is to show what students have learned during the whole studying time. If you want to create an up-to-date and advanced project, you’ll need to pick the right topic for it. While choosing an idea for your future capstone project, try to keep up with the IT market trends & changes and be one step ahead of them.

If you’re a final year student of CSE or IT faculties, you’ll also need to decide on your future job and impress your future employer. Of course, everyone wants to get into a promising and prosperous company and at the working position, they really want to. However, this often requires considerable effort and fruitful work while studying. You need to prove yourself in the eyes of future employers, as a professional who knows how to work with a large amount of data and analyze it correctly.

In order for large companies to see and appreciate your enthusiasm and abilities, choose the correct and, what’s more important, topical work theme relevant to the IT Market. To make this task easier and help you in choosing, we have compiled a list of the most relevant and popular project topics for software engineering students that are awaiting timely implementation. It takes you about 7 minutes to read the article, but it saves you time in the future and helps you devote more time to your final year project. We will group popular and relevant topics in several areas, such as programming language (C++, Java, PHP, .NET, etc.), platform type (web, mobile), domains & technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Security, Cloud-based projects).

The List of Topics by Categories

Programming Language

In the first category, we grouped project topics for final-year computer science students by the most common programming language types. Therefore, if you are learning Java, C#, PHP languages, or implementing IoT, BLE, and other up-to-date technologies, choose one of the topics below and develop a project that’ll impress your future employers.


  • Java-based Fire Alarm System
  • Smart Card Security and Static Analysis Perspective using Java
  • Remote Java2 Dotnet Communication App
  • RSS-Reader for Mobile Devices in J2ME
  • College Management Modules Developed on Java in the ERP System
  • Java Applications for Bluetooth Platform
  • Online Course Registration System in JAVA


  • A Technique to Hide Information within an Image File (so-called Steganography)
  • Voice-based Automated Transport Enquiry System in and MySQL
  • System for Students’ Grading Using ASP.NET Framework
  • A Completely Customizable Library Management System in C#.Net
  • Online-cinema Tickets Booking System Based on .Net
  • Hospital Management System in VB.Net
  • Billing System in VB.Net and MS Access
  • Employee Management System in C#.Net and ASP.Net using SQL


  • Issue Tracker in PHP
  • Online Course Registration System in PHP
  • Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal for Genuine Rating (created with PHP)
  • Wiki/Blog Content Management System in PHP
  • Student Information Management System Developed Using PHP & MySQL
  • Hotel Management Information System in PH
  • Pharmacy Management System in PHP and MySQL
  • Web-based Recruitment Management System in PHP
  • Cloud Computing with PHP — Using Amazon S3 with the Zend Framework

Domains & Technologies

In this block, we included popular project ideas for IT students, that are related to the most relevant technologies and promising IT fields, such as Cloud services, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Smart Home, etc. Here is the list:

  • Large Iterative Multitier Ensemble Classifiers for Security of Big Data
  • Java Card Security
  • Offload Decision Models in Mobile Cloud Applications Ecosystem
  • Data-Leak Detection Using Cloud Computing
  • Android Map Application
  • IoT-based Smart Agriculture
  • Evaluating the Security of Smart Home Hubs
  • Privacy in Cooperative Distributed Systems: Modeling and Protection Framework
  • Creating E-Learning Platform Using Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence Desktop Partner
  • Cloud-based Chat-bot for Informing Students

Platform Type

In this section, we present mobile and web project ideas for students of CES and IT faculties. The mobile section includes topics for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • Restaurant Management App for iPad
  • Cross-platform Application Development with React Native and its Effect on Performance and Usability
  • Voting System for Android
  • Emulating 3G Network Characteristics on WiFi Networks
  • iOS Application for Tracking Daily Expenses
  • iOS Task Management Applicatio
  • Children Safety Tracking iOS App
  • Android Application for Face Recognition
  • Secured Merchant Payment Using Biometric Data


  • Web-Based Management Solution for IPTV Network
  • Customizable Web Portal for Health Centre
  • College Forums with Alumni Based on Content Filtering
  • E-Visa Processing & Follow-Up System
  • Web Agent for Learning Content Updating
  • Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
  • Service for Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning
  • Employee Profiles Management System
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Our Choice of the Best Project Ideas for CES и IT Students

Wiki or Blog Content Management System in PHP

If you decide to choose this topic for your final year project, you’ll need to describe the abilities and functionality of your own Wiki or Blog, made with PHP/MySQL. The main feature of the project should be an ability for a collaborative edition of the content. To make this process simpler, it’s important to implement an extended AJAX interface to view and edit several files on the page simultaneously.

As the idea of co-editing content is at the core of this project, its environment together with default settings should be efficient for teamwork and collaboration. Users can maintain additional permissions to the specific types of files or specific user groups.

Content management system

Ticket Booking for Online Cinema Made with .NET

This project implies creating and setting up a convenient, fast, and personalized service for booking tickets online.

Users can view a description of each movie or show, select the particular time of booking, leave their comments as well as read reviews from other users. The ordering form should include the customer’s name and address and offer payment options protected by security algorithms.

If you decide to choose this topic for your capstone project, take a look at several features that should be certainly implemented during your work:

  • Searching through Database
  • Supporting credit cards and e-money (WebMoney, PayPal) payments
  • Adding an SQL database to provide all related information quickly
  • Saving user credentials to avoid the need to re-enter them
  • Saving order information in secure files

IoT-based Smart Agriculture Solution

In countries where the agricultural sector is actively developing, it is important to introduce the latest and most effective technologies to accelerate this process. The agricultural sector is slowly introducing technological improvements still, so your future project will be able to occupy a free niche and, perhaps, help solve a lot of current issues in the industry.

This project is aimed to improve traditional agricultural methods with the help of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. Here are just a few IoT solutions you can implement in your final year IT project:

  • Smart GPS-tracker with remote control for weeding, spraying, soil sensing, and moisture control, and even to frighten away birds and small animals
  • Intelligent decision-making system, based on the accurate, defining of the field data in real-time
  • Smart warehouse management, that’ll be able to set the exact temperature, control humidity, and prevent warehouse theft. It should be possible to control all these functions from any device or PC connected to the Internet remotely, and their implementation will be carried out using sensors, WiFi or ZigBee modules, video cameras

Farming is an important source of food resources and it also develops the economy of many countries. However, the problem is that many farmers still prefer to use traditional agricultural methods and they aren’t ready to inculcate modern smart technologies into their work. The purpose of this project is to convince agricultural owners to introduce up-to-date IoT technologies, using specific examples and figures in order to improve the quantity and quality of the harvest, automate the work process and prevent harvest losses due to various factors.

Bonus: a Few Real Cases from Our Developers

Augmented Reality Project

Maxim, an iOS developer at Mbicycle, chose Augmented Reality as the topic for his final year project. The main idea of this project was to provide people with the ability to add different furniture and other home decoration items to their interiors in AR with their mobile devices. So, it is an iOS application well-tailored for designers, architects, engineers, and other people who want to visualize their dream interiors even before going shopping.

To implement his project well, Maxim used both Objective-C and Swift languages together with ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit frameworks and technologies. The ready-made AR application was very successful, so our iOS team decided to implement several AR features in the ShotTracker Fan application. For example, users of the app can project a basketball court on any flat surface. Due to this, they’ll be able to observe the movement of basketball players in real-time on an improvised court with the help of their smartphones.

Android Application to Inform and Help Students

This project was made by our Android developer to implement it in his University. The main idea of this application is to simplify solving the administrative question for students and provide them with current updates about their campus life.

So, with the app’s benefits students can:

  • Get the schedule updates timely
  • Learn the history of the University and find out the latest news from campus life
  • Calculate the approximate level of scholarship depending on the level of their studying
  • View their progress charts
  • Leave their feedback for the University Administration

Here is the example of the app’s screen with the schedule updates:

Android app for informing and helping students

The application was written completely on Kotlin with the usage of Gradle, Retrofit, OkHttp, ButterKnife, Gson, and other frameworks and technologies.

iOS application for the Road Police

Vlad from our iOS department decided to facilitate the work of our local Road Police. He introduced a project that provided real-time information about traffic incidents, police operations, and roadway constructions by pointing it to Google Map.

The application includes the following abilities:

  • Point traffic incidents on Google Map
  • Attach photos on the Map with geo-location and leave comments
  • Inform drivers and pedestrians about roadway constructions
  • Monitor road congestion

This app was written entirely in Swift using a few additional frameworks and software tools, including Google Maps, Alamofire, Realm, Swift Keychain, Gson.

Take a look at the Client-Server interaction in this project:

Client-Server interaction scheme

That’s it for now. We hope the article was very useful, and it’ll help you to create your final year project and impress your future employers. We also prepared a bonus for our regular readers: an extended list of 500+ final year project topics for computer engineering students. Get it by email just by subscribing to our Blog.

But enough talking, topics from this article are waiting to be implemented, so get down to work right now 🙂 We totally believe in you!

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